Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Only Serious, Responsible, Level-Headed Player on the International Scene Happens (Needless to Say) to Be… Us!

• Europa: Any proposals?
• Irresponsible Player: Put the AC on full blast!
In order to illustrate an alarmist Le Monde article by Emmanuel Le Roy LadurieOn the Road Towards a Climate Disaster? — as another Durban round is underway, Serguei presents us with a cartoon (called La Terre, brûle-t-elle? or Is the Earth Burning?, a reference to the World War II book Is Paris Burning?) showing how every single player on the international scene is failing to act responsibly regarding global warning and is sticking their heads in the sand (or down into the oven): The United States, India, Russia, China, y'know, everybody

Everybody? Isn't someone missing? Everybody is being irresponsible, with… one exception. And who might that exception be?! It's… us! By the strangest of coincidences — states a… European cartoon by a… European cartoonist in a… European newspaper with… European readers — the only level-headed, the only responsible, the only serious player in international talks — with an appropriately grave expression on her face and her hands joined in intellectual contemplation — happens, just happens, to be… us — us Europeans. How convenient…

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