Monday, December 05, 2011

Of Chumps, Attention Seekers, and Morons

And just to up the ante, they’ll challenge the world to join them in a plan to drop the mean global temperature by 28,5°C by next week!
But emerging economies such as Brazil and India have joined rich nations in not wishing to start talks on such a deal before 2015, angering small island states and other countries immediately threatened by climate change. According to the Italian business daily, the UN summit “does not seem to have a chance of producing a binding international treaty. Those who have rowed against it, like the US, will be pleased. But for Europe, this is a triple somersault.”:
No, it’s not a triple summersault, it’s a stunt and a joke, one European governments know that they will never have to make good on, because no society really can, or would, or gain anything by it.

Despite that, they know what’s its always far better to demand regime change over a fake crisis rather than a real one.
Thirdly, because the brave European commitment to cut emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 could sideline it in a fight which is meaningful only if shared by all the planet. But which also requires billions in public spending which do not go well with the regime of fiscal discipline [practised in] these modern times.

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