Monday, November 28, 2011

Islands of Greece Are Green and Beautiful

Green and Beautiful
Where the Olive Trees Grow
In the Fields Below

No tongue-in-cheek tie-ups to the current situation in Greece;
simply, it's the 50th anniversary of The Guns of Navarone, a war movie I never thought was that exciting, but whose movie theme, and whose Mitch Miller-led chorus, are pretty fabulous… It was OK (the role of the American held by David Niven?!?!), but after seeing, as a kid, realistic war movie recreations with officers and troops from all over the map, like The Longest Day (also Mitch Miller) and Tora Tora Tora, made-up stories with a handful of soldiers ("six men come to save 2,000 men, 2,000 men the brave and the bold, for whom the bells have tolled") didn't do it for me any more…

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