Monday, November 21, 2011

The Difference Between Palestine and Tibet and Why It Shows that Israel Isn't China

The monks have been protesting about the erosion of Tibetan culture and their treatment by the Chinese authorities.
A BBC news story reports on how the suicide of a Buddhist nun by fire is symbolic of how the increasingly frustrated Tibetans choose immolation in order to protest the presence of the Chinese occupiers.

A few years ago, I was told — in no uncertain terms — that Israel was the only country in the world occupying another; when I mentioned China and Tibet, the subject was rapidly changed.

Notice how the Tibetans resorting to suicide in order to protest Chinese occupation do not choose to "take" any of the occupiers with them; they do not try to kill as many as they can, they do not even try to kill a single one of them, military or civilian.

Think about it. What does that tell you about Israel and about its "occupation" of Palestine?

(Perhaps, for starters, that one reason that Tibetans do not target their occupiers is that, besides being part of a culture that is taught some basic human values, they know to what degree their compatriots will be made to suffer, disproportionately, by the occupiers if they were to target the latter. Perhaps, this means that, in turn, the Palestinians are not suffering as much from their alleged occupiers as they claim to be in the first place…)

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