Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Formerly Sane Nation Finally Coming Around, Sort of

The Netherlands is having DTs:

Researchers want driving under the influence of drugs to be made illegal.
The world champions of moral compartmentation seem to be emerging from their haze and are finally becoming slightly aware. While drunk driving has been unlawful in the Netherlands for some time, driving under the influence of pills or grass hasn’t been.
While the number of deaths resulting from drunk driving has decreased from 30 to 20 percent in the past ten years in the Netherlands, there are more fatalities from the combination of alcohol and drugs.
But don’t get too hopeful if you find yourself having to drive through the magical forest – this is just a trial balloon. Since the use of narcotics is about all that most narrow-minded Europeans can perceive to be a right and the essence of freedom, it will surely be challenged.

Situational awareness now, even through that purple haze, as before, has always seemed to be a low priority there.

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