Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here We Go Again!

The "Anglo-Saxons" are — again — accused of (sigh) plotting against Europe — and its Euro, writes Claire Gatinois in Le Monde.
From alarmist statements to petty remarks, the media, economists, and financiers on Wall Street or in the City are regularly suspected of participating in an attack in good standing on the euro. … In Paris, an operator said he too is "tired" of seeing traders panic when reading the latest Euro-sceptic article in the British newspaper Financial Times. "The Bible" of markets, he explains

Real or imagined, this conspiracy theory is driven by the idea that people in the U.S. or the UK could benefit from the ills of the monetary Union. No one can ignore that some would thus pocket heaps of money.
Reactions from Le Monde readers pour oil on the fire, varying from international finance without morals to a desire to neutralize Europe via the Americans' evil wish to scuttle Europe's admirable pro-Palestinian policy.

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