Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still Looking for "Another" September 11th?

Obfuscaters have selective memories. Always looking for something to compete with the obvious yearning of the aggrieved or abused, come the "lamentations" of the disinvolved and confused thought-mafia. Just as it was with the left after 9-11, the tut-tutting has a predictable familiarity:
Ordinary Berliners on both sides of the now-derelict Wall were certainly excited over the prospect of unity, but the city's opinion-makers were often blase or even hostile toward the project. It became fashionable among the leftist intelligentsia of West Berlin to condemn the easterners' longing for unification as a lamentable submission to the lure of Western materialism.
Today marks beginning of another war: the "peace movement," looking for Islamophobia wherever it could be inferred, the mothers of fallen troops, and in every other way preferred the failure of their own society, preferring it to negotiate from a position of weakness with a barbaric, illiberal violent movement seeking the violence that they craved in their "revolutions" to "make the world better."

Add to that the banal, the banalization, and the misuse. Such as it is, one Euro-policy blogger is looking for other ways to "celebrate 9-11", and tries to use it to point attention to two aged and pointless press statements by Eurocrats.

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