Saturday, August 13, 2011

The French Attack on the Political Egotist Rick Perry Kicks Off

Needless to say, the (David J Phillip) photo of Rick Perry chosen by Le Monde's print edition to illustrate Sylvain Cypel's article on the Texas governor's joining the Republican race has Perry and his image on the screen behind him looking like a maniac.

The opening sentence of Sylvain Cypel's article suggests that Rick Perry is an egotist, politically speaking at least, who is delighted with the degradation of America's debt, since that will (quelle horreur) hurt Barack Obama and since that in turn will benefit Perry's election prospects.
D'un point de vue égoïstement politique, Rick Perry, gouverneur du Texas, a pu suivre les suites de la dégradation de la note de la dette américaine avec délectation : les candidats à l'investiture républicaine pour l'élection présidentielle de 2012 se poussaient tous du col pour dénoncer un Barack Obama " entraînant l'Amérique à sa perte ".
What with Sylvain Cypel's description of Rick Perry as close to Christian fundamentalists, Le Monde readers are fretting about someone who believes he has a direct line to God (shades of another former Texas governor, George W Bush), about Rick Perry's election leading to a world war, and about a description of the USA as "humanity's civilizational mistake".

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