Friday, August 12, 2011

But Apart From Those (Insignificant) Details, the Cartoon Hit the Mark!

It isn't Obama's money and it isn't — far from it — lunch money…

It is a bit tiring seeing the number of political cartoons that still don't get it, such as John Darkow's GOP Bullies drawing in the Columbus Daily Tribune.

Reminder to leftists, to statists, and to other Obama supporters:
It is not your lunch money, Barack Obama;
it is not the government's lunch money, leftists and Obama supporters…
It is our lunch money!

Is that idea starting to seep into your New York Times propaganda-addled brains?!

In fact, it is more than just lunch money; it is a good deal of our (responsbily-earned) savings and we do not want Obama — or anyone else — to throw it, or any part of it, out the window…

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