Saturday, July 02, 2011

Overlooked in the Facebook Killer Story: "How does it feel to not have your child when I did not have mine for three months?"

The Huffington Post has a story about an unacceptable murder, a story, however, that ignores the (compassionate) left's, the government's, and the divorce industry's contribution to the father going bonkers in the first place.
Ramazan Acar, Australian 'Facebook Killer,' Gets Life Sentence For Murdering Daughter After Social Media Threats

…After taking [two-year-old daughter] Yazmina, Acar communicated with [ex-partner Rachelle] D'Argent by phone and via a bizarre series of text messages, at one point telling her she would not get her child back and asking whether he should kill the girl in a car crash or stab her. "How does it feel to not have your child when I did not have mine for three months?" he is quoted as saying. He also said: "I loved you Rachelle and look what you've made me do."
Stephen Baskerville writes about this in his book:
Fathers of course should no more be excused for killing their spouses or children than mothers, but the common factor in both instances is the intervention of the divorce machinery. In this case at least some of the blame would seem to lie with the legal system.

…the media will go to any lengths to avoid admitting that we are in a massive epidemic of government-sponsored child stealing.

…By depicting fathers as killers, the promoters of compassion and self-described champions of children can ignore the one efficacious, common-sense solution of returning the father to the home and instead respond to the escalating child abuse crisis by increasing the number of personnel and agencies that are perpetrating it

…it is still clear from the figures they report that it is not fathers but mothers — overwhelmingly single mothers — who are by far the most likely to injure and kill their children. Data from the Department of Health and Human Services, an agency strongly pervaded by a feminist culture, consistently show that women are much more likely than men to be perpetrators of child maltreatment

…mothers are seldom punished for injuring or killing their children. "Even child killers can get sympathy if they claim victimization by a male," writes Cathy Young, who quotes one feminist activist as saying, "When a woman [is] so alone that she wants to kill heself and her children, it's not her fault." Judges seem to agree. "Most women aren't incarcerated for infanticide," writes Patricia Pearson

…"The person who is least likely to abuse a child is a married father," notes Canadian Senator Anne Cools. "The person who is most likely is a single, unmarried mother." Maggie Gallagher sums up the reality: "The person most likely to abuse a child physically is a single mother. The person most likely to abuse a child sexually is the mother's boyfriend or second husband." A two-parent family is "the safest environment for children."

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