Thursday, July 07, 2011

According to Le Monde, Pro-Reagan Libertarians and Israel Supporters Are Part of the Far Rightist "Fascist Sphere"

As the DSK affair switches from New York, and from hotel maids (again, her name is Nafissatou Diallo), to the socialist's native France, and to young nubile journalists, allies of Dominique Strauss-Kahn are taking on a French blog, writes Alexandre Piquard in Le Monde, as they charge, or at least as they suggest, that Tristane Banon is being manipulated by the likes of
Deux élus concentrent leurs critiques sur le rôle supposé d', un site d'information classé à droite pour lequel Tristane Banon a écrit quelques billets. Des insinuations balayées par Jean-Sébastien Ferjou, directeur du site, joint par Le : "C'est du pur délire. Et c'est diffamatoire. On va voir avec notre avocat si on réagit."

All this comes in the foreground of what seems to be one of the Left's perennial attempts to summarize an entire problem through the means of a graph — as Le Monde publishes a map in partnership with the Linkfluence institute purporting to show the rise of the far right through blogs on the internet .

The problem does not seem to be the methodology, but the fact (among others) that among those dubbed the web's Brown Hussards by Le Monde and among those making up the so-called "fachosphère" are pro-Reagan libertarians ("neo-conservatives") as well as pro-Israel freedom lovers.

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