Monday, May 30, 2011

Others with Nothing to Declare

Jakob Augstein, the spawn of Spiegel Magazine's founder, has put up a screed in Spiegel declaring that Conservatives holding conservative opinions are "a virus". I'm sure he believes his argument quite logical in a "so there!" kind of way. Spiegel, the house organ of empty-headed middle mindedness for it's part has nothing to declare - like the fact that Augstein is a political hack employing SPON for ideological propagation.

The blog he contributes to is titled "Talking up a New World" has a blogroll dominated rather strangely by the American far-left media farm peppered with links to Robert Reich essay, but also linking the unwittingly pro-totalitarian "New Deal 2.0". Strange as this may seem, he would HAVE to link to the American branch of the new Internationale if he wants to seem reasonable: if there ever was a test tube in which the ideas of leftism failed, it is in Germany.

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