Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leftists: Crash Testing Civilization Whenever they Can

The recreational revolutionaries drawn to Wisconsin to overturn the will of the majority “for the sake of the majority” have nothing on the suffering sisters of Sappho across the pond:

Last summer the Fawcett Society attempted to create a precedent: they challenged the legality of a government budget. In response to the coalition's proposal for deficit reduction, which foresaw 500 000 public sector job cuts, the feminist pressure group put in an application for a judicial review. The Treasury, they claimed, appeared to have failed to honour its legal duty under the Equality Act to give "due regard" to the impact on women.
There are takers, and there are makers. You can guess which one Gal-Queda can be counted among. The expectation is simple: all of society exists to serve the political purposes of feminists employed outside of the Private Sector where both economics, and socially responsible decisions can be bypassed in the interest of a small political coterie.
It does not mean that they can be made exempt from the hash facts of life by a mere accident of birth – much as the selfish cretins of political feminism think that this is not what equality and equal opportunity actually mean. I wonder if there are any women left who don’t realize that they are nothing but a corrupt cartel, willing to fight to the last gullible “student volunteer.”

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