Thursday, March 03, 2011

Just another Product of German Aculturation

Fraport shooter Arid Uka was initially referred to as a Macedonian, then later a Kosovar. Motives were indicated as unclear. CNN asked itself after saying to itself "I think they used unmarked busses" and asking themselves "the troops MIGHT have been in uniform.... why would they do that?"

Okay. Make up your own facts, and then ask oneself thoroughly irrelevant questions about them. Cute - but stupid... I wonder if it occurs to them that we expect little else from them at this point.

Otherwise, the thousands of repeated wire pieces avoid mentioning that the 21 year old who yelled allah hu akbar before murdering a civilian bus driver and an American soldier in the theoretical paradise of the disarmed, was born and raised in Germany. His family has been there for 40 years, migrating to Germany a decade before Yugoslavia descended into conflict.

The branded retail press is otherwise indicating that they are unsure, if not puzzled by his motives. Unlike anticipating facts without evidence - that they don't shuttle to Wiesbaden in Green Mercedes buses or don't wear civilian clothes in route, they are unwilling to leap to conclusions.

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