Monday, February 28, 2011

Defining Deviancy Swedishness Down

That is, when someone writing in Le Monde starts arguing that that bad sex can easily be confused for rape when one of your political icons is at risk. Americans have little patience for this. The “feminist defense” of Bill Clinton was amusing enough. What next? MORE atmospheric talk of “what’s wrong with rape anyway?”

The obfuscation becomes even more pathetic when you start attributing it to national stereotypes:

Perhaps the Swedes are the victims of a certain Swedish myth? In Summer with Monika (1953), Ingmar Bergman filmed the young Harriet Andersson, and emphasised her character’s liberated attitude to sex in a scene where she bathes naked, which has been credited with promoting the “Swedish sin" of assuming that an unattached woman is an easy lay. But if you do watch Summer with Monika, do not forget to look out for the moment where the camera follows Harriet Andersson as she prepares to go to bed with a man that she had decided to abandon — a shot that Jean-Luc Godard described "as the saddest in the history of cinema."
Of course... that explains EVERYTHING! Especially individuals’ motives and behavior! Predestination by the movies!

Predestine THIS.

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