Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Crosshairs, More Death Threats, More Incendiary Rhetoric, and More Threats — Albeit That Do Not Warrant Condemnation Since It Comes From the Left

The American Patriot Foundation has received dozens of threatening phone message, e-mails and letters during … the past few months
writes Brian Fitzpatrick,
including two letters that view the words "GOP" and "Birthers" through a sniper scope.
The WND article follows with an example of an email containing "incendiary rhetoric and threats", however it is not language that the Left does not find offensive, or certainly not offensive enough to warrant condemnation, precisely because… it comes from the Left.
This is to inform you that LTC Larkin (sic) is a F------ COWARD who should be put in front of a firing squad and shot. If I see his a-- on the streets of Washington I will save the government the expense of a trial, I'll dip a bullet in s--- and shoot him in the head. This f--- off deserves to die on the streets of America.

Of course, all this does nothing to address the theory that the alleged crosshairs symbol, whether employed by Sarah Palin or by Daily Kos and the Democratic Party (and contrary to the one employed by the Militant Association of Democrats), in fact turned, and turns, out to be a surveyor’s symbol

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