Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Weinacht, Deutschland, and Auf Wieder-bye-bye

Just a thought for the day from Euro-topia:

The superiority of Germany’s so-called “social market economy” is an article of faith for virtually all of Germany’s major political parties (with the possible exception of the “post-communist” Left Party, which would prefer an outright socialist one). The expression is commonly associated with Ludwig Erhard, post-War West Germany’s first economics minister under the Christian Democratic Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. In current usage, the expression strongly connotes a rejection of a “pure” market economy or “unbridled” capitalism, such as the advocates of the “social market” model presumed to exist in the United States and other “Anglo-Saxon” countries.

In a series of seminars held recently in Berlin, Ankara, and Abu Dhabi, Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation examined the “commonalities” between the social market economy and “Islamic economics.”
Which I suppose would make me (as I’ve pointed out to the pointiest of French heads,) an Arab Anglo-Saxon. I thus ask how that can be. Easy: the same way you can have a society inspired by the Christian moral ethic called “Sharia compliant™©®” a few centuries later.

Those clowns would sell their Grandmothers for a nickel.

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