Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sarkozy Learns That Taking Candy From the French is a Bitch

A Parisian teen I know has been telling her friends:
La fac veut qu'on aille manifester, les absences ne seront pas comptés! Jusqu'a Jeudi! génial Grasse Mat'! :D
Or in other words:
Our university wants us to join the demonstration, absences won't be counted! Until Thursday! Awesome — we can sleep in late!

Sarkozy Learns That Taking Candy From the French is a Bitch, writes Greg Gutfield (merci à Valerie et à Benjamin).
…what is France today?

It’s bankrupt …

And…what’s driving this heroic protest? Oppression? Fascism? Threat of war?

No – vacations. Really.

You know how folks in France enjoy not working for really long periods of time? Well, it turns out that, after a while – when you don’t work, you can no longer pay for stuff – like the pensions that allow you to loaf around.

The protesters are trying to stop a bill that would raise retirement age from 60 to 62. Yeah – 62 – still pretty much the youngest retirement age anywhere. But workers feel it’ll ruin a good time- including the long playful summers, subsidized health care, free berets and mime welfare.

… This is what happens when you give something to someone, and then – in order to survive – try to take it away.

We were wrong: Taking candy from a baby is actually a bitch.

And only the truly ballsy can pull that off. Sarkozy – bless him – has more balls than a McDonald’s play pit.

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