Saturday, October 30, 2010

France... "Spoiled and Selfish".... America's View

The French have reached a new low
writes Edy Halpert. The former public relations director in Washington DC is now a mother of four, a freelance writer, and a teacher in France. She never forgets the serial comma.
As an American citizen, married to a Frenchman living outside of Paris, I am astonished and ashamed at the audacity of this country and its citizens. France is a country with the greatest advantages in health care, education, and social benefits one could ever imagine. Food is abundant, delicious, and cheap. You can buy a whole camenbert cheese for one euro fifty and delicious baguettes for just 80 cents.

The transportation system is amazing, and cheap especially if you are a student. The country actually pays you (no kidding) to have children and education here is practically free, even going to University. The work week consists of 35 hours, unless you are a business owner and do real work, unlike the overpaid civil servants here.

And get this, the French have five to seven weeks of (believe or not) paid vacation. It's almost impossible to be fired in France, but if you are, even if you are totally incompetent, you still get unemployment and retraining at the government's expense and are paid an exhorbitant amount when you are asked to leave by your employer.

If you ever visited this country, you know it is one of the most exquisite on earth, culturally, architechturally and terrain wise.

Now I ask you, why in the world would anyone want to strike when they have all the advantages of such a generous country and government, more than anyone else in the world....especially in light of the misery of those living in the rest of the world in poverty, without food, water, healthcare, or jobs they so desperately need to feed their starving families?

God forbid the French actually have to work to keep the country going until the shockingly ripe old age of 62. What a concept?

Communist and socialist unions have so poisoned the thinking of the average French citizen and students here, that the concept of hard work is unthinkable. They are destroying this country and forcing all major corporations and companies to outsource manufacturing through their unreasonable demands and soon France will become bankrupt like other nations in Europe. It is inevitable.

In any other country in the world, the average citizen would jump for joy just to have a job (eg, America, which was hit by one of the world's greatest recessions in history; People would kill to have a well paying job with benefits). And what about your average Asian or Indian employee who would think nothing of putting in an 80 hour work week in order to succeed? Poverty stricken immigrants from bordering nations risk daily their life just for the possibility to live in this country and help their families back home survive.

What is wrong with the French?

"Selfish and spoiled" is what an American friend wrote from California and I couldn't agree more. I only hope President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Fillon have the tremendous courage needed to fight those who seek to undermine the work ethic here in this country and stand up to those who benefit from the system but are too lazy and selfish to work hard to continue it for the sake of the future generations to come. The union leaders, and Socialists should be charged for their instigation of the horrible atrocities they have caused here costing the government over 400 million euros daily and creating total chaos in this country. If this continues, France, will most certainly become the laughingstock of the world. Maybe what is needed for the demonstrators is to take a little vacation in Haiti and see what real suffering is all about.

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