Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whine, Counter-whine

Europeans in Brussels are Revolting

Unloved 'eurocrats' look on at Brussels protest
Which I suppose is just a symptom of the socialist disease of trying to find someone else to pay for your comforts.
But the image of the Brussels gravy-train ignores the fact that thousands of EU secretaries, porters and other junior staff take home just €1,400-or-so each month and work on temporary contracts with no job security.
If, that is, IF you’re a part-timer or a temp. The best job you can find, you say? That hardly sounds like it’s structurally “uncompetitive.”

Given the mobility of the workforce, and the fact that you can always resign from it, if you think it such a miserable sweatshop, would indicate that those salaries are actually at a fair market value.
Simon Coates, from the EU Council's FFPE union, said that when officials move to Brussels their spouses often have to give up work and they lose the support of their extended families in terms of child-care.
No, they didn’t HAVE to give up anything, because you didn’t HAVE to take the job that required relocation, you Candy Ass.
"EU salaries [for low- and mid-ranking officials] are no longer competitive. There are no good career prospects here, so we are finding it hard to recruit people from countries such as the UK, Sweden or Germany," he added.
And here we thought that they were the champions of all that was good and pleasant in the world – like “living wage” mandates and “rights” to all of life’s material needs.

“Austere,” is it not?

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