Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“But IMHO being right is more important than being liked.”

Reader Doug left the following prescient note in the comments on the common expatriates’ hatred of ones’ own:

I'm an ex-pat buckeye who's been living in Germany for 19 years after being stationed here for 6 years before that. and you can believe me when I say that I've lost more friends than won because of my views. And I do have a useful job.
[ ... ]
.The last 9 years have in many ways been the hardest in my life. But IMHO being right is more important than being liked. and from experience I can say that many useless expats love dragging the US down. Some fools enjoy ingratiating themselves with their hosts no matter what. I even went as far as to hang a picture of W in my lab just to f#&k with people.
A picture of George Bush where it can’t be avoided is also something one can truly do to test people’s ‘tolerance’ for ideas other than their own, especially those who are more interested in talking about their own breadth than actually practicing it. Are these ‘inclusive’ lefties not the ones saying how they must “get in the face” of those who don’t carry their water?

When it comes down to it, most leftists’ touted Agora of Ideas®©™, is a sullen and silent breadline where all are forced to finish off their LuRPs and are forced to profess their thanks for it.

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