Monday, September 06, 2010

The Leisure Class is Revolting

Yeah, they stink on ice!

- Mel Brooks, “History of the World”


It’s sort of like Atlas Shrugged (which has yet to be translated into French), except in this case, it’s the icy hand of the CGT you feel up your ass, and not the government’s. This time, the strikes revolve around a stopgap measure to –temporarily- keep the state pension system from hemorrhaging, by hiking the retirement age from 60 to a soul-crushing 62.

So the answer they come up with is to punish the rest of society, particularly people who make less than the comrades of the CGT do with transit slowdowns, and a few days of wrecking the GDP that they’re trying to seize more of. The real question is: how many years did you put in?

So wedded to the idea of making the rest of society cover all of your personal costs, even for Union zombies making a lot more than they’re worth to begin with, the idea of anyone doing anything themselves draws disparagement and confusion. Save for your OWN damned retirement, and you can retire whenever it makes sense for you. Pay yourself first, douchebag.

In every other part of the world (outside of North Korea and Cuba where the aged are often forced to forage in the woods for bark to eat), it’s only the indigent that depend entirely on the state when they retire. How it is that people who come out of what is touted as “the best education system in the world”, but can’t add, is beyond me.

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