Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not their kind of Trannies

In a “heroic” act of trashing a crop, activist types trashed about 70 vines of transgenic GM grape vines at the Agricultural Research station in Colmar overnight. Once again, they are behind the curve in l’hexagon, and it wasn’t even a commercial crop.

Police and gendarmes arrived promptly on the spot where about 70 men sat around the fields still holding reapers in the enclosure to 7:00.

"We acted in a non-violent manner, and openly. The publicly funded GMOs test crops are carried out in open fields and we do not want that," said Olivier Florent.

INRA, which was not yet reached by early Sunday morning, was the site of the September 2009 sacking of 70 GMO vines that institute was conducting tests on since 2005.
Sod off, Swampy!

Olivier Florent, referred to here in the news item as a “voluntary reaper”, as though he was just helping out during the harvest season, is in fact a Green Party MEP candidate, and is a spokes-being for “Vaucluse sans OGM,” and organization that is trying to sign up towns to be GM-free zones, total dismantling of nuclear power generation, etc. You know the type. Always generous in wasting others’ human energy.

Implied to be a concerned local, he is in fact from Cavillion (Aix-en-Provence), a town 660 km from Colmar.

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