Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is How You Know They’ve Given up

In an article titled “Renewable energy projects in line for €115m windfall” we discover just how alien commerce is to educated Europeans, and how inherently hostile they are to it by virtue of an abject lack of awareness they have to the terms actual productive people who make things operate under.

Energy efficiency projects expected to get funds left over from the recovery package.

Projects to promote renewable energy or energy efficiency are in line for a windfall of at least €115 million, as the European Commission looks to reassign unspent money from the European recovery package.
In other words, a subsidy.

That same perception gap oozes out of everything on the enchanted continent. It shows that economic freedom, one of the core elements of genuine individual freedom, is neither well understood, or desired, so long as you can extract some resources from an unwilling doner.

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