Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Poles' "Obsession" with Katyn

Little seems to have changed in French attitudes regarding communist crimes since Wajda's Katyn came out a year ago and was immediately lambasted by Le Monde for having the audacity to compare Soviet crimes with those of the Nazis…

In Le Monde, again, we have one article lamenting the Poles' obsession with Katyn (simple question: why is the Poles' anger over 21,000 murders over a few weeks — a liquidation that was denied for decades — an "obsession" while that of leftists the world over — i.e., the self-same leftists who took the Kremlin's decade-long denials for granted — regarding Pinochet's 3,000 victims over 17 years nothing but respect for life and truth and the pursuit of justice?), while another, by Franck Nouchi, speaks of the mass massacre without once mentioning Soviet guilt.

That "Sovietolatrous" article describes the the DVD of the Wajda film which has just come out in France, noting that the French version features, among other bonuses, two 1943 propaganda films, one of German (Nazi) newsreels from the area (rightly) accusing the Soviets of the massacre, along with later Soviet newsreels counter-accusing the Germans thereof. Franck Nouchi's conclusion (mentioning the alleged Soviet "academicians" and "scientists" — without quotation marks — who came to "study" the forest, allegedly objectively, in order to pinpoint guilt): Only the trees of Katyn know what really happened…

As one Le Monde reader concludes, regarding "ce sinistre billet soviétolâtre":
Nouchi et « Le Monde » se remettront-ils un jour de la chute de l'URSS ?
Will Nouchi and Le Monde ever get over the collapse of the USSR?

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