Monday, April 19, 2010

Go West: “I am the liberals’ worst nightmare!”

Colonel Allen West (thanks to Valerie):
I've been called an oreo; I've been called a token; I've been called a sell-out; I've been called an Uncle Tom; and to all of those people that call me names, I want to tell you them something: all that does for an old paratrooper, just makes him dig in his heels even more!

I am standing here with my American brothers and sisters! And it has nothing to do with race! It has nothing to do with color! It's all about your character! And we don't have character in Washington, D.C.!

…I am the liberals’ worst nightmare! They cannot afford to have a young man from the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, to rise up in this country, because I completely invalidate all of their social welfare policies that have been tearing up our country.

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