Friday, March 12, 2010

Man I feel good!

After reading this article in Spiegel last night I happily drifted off to sleep knowing my data privacy is being "protected":

When it comes to freedom, Americans and Europeans bring completely different ideals and definitions to the table. While Americans want to liberate consumers, Europeans seek to protect them.
Damnit man, my information is protected. I do not have to worry about my personal, private and financial details being bought, sold and used for purposes I am unaware of, government will protect me. Man, I feel good!

Nothing can shake my faith in being protected. No, nothing:

Germany said it was willing to pay a reward to a bank employee looking to sell stolen Swiss bank data. A German Finance Ministry spokesman said several sets of data have been offered in recent weeks and at least one data set has been purchased.

Well, no doubt for my own protection....

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