Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Hitch-hiking Diplomat

First, you need to be a nation, and have something to say.

Lady Ashton's office said it is making enquiries into leasing a jet to ease the pressures of her demanding travel schedule, but hastened to dismiss rumours she wants to purchase an EU "Air Force One". Given the current economic climate in Europe, this would not go down well. Plus, as Euranet's Brussel correspondent Nina-Maria Potts points out, it could trigger a form of air envy, with every senior EU official demanding a bigger and better plane of their own.
Which raises an interesting point about the unwillingness of member states to assign upward any of their sovereignty, or, for that matter like the “great Darfouroise helicopter crisis”, even LEND the EU some of that finest in the world, world-beating, European hardware.

Call it Darfouroiserie, if you like. It’s the sound of wanting to do something, and saying so, even though you know there is no inclination for there to be an outcome, but like to hear talk of your own power.

Here’s a thought: give her a damn plane, and something real to do. Otherwise eliminate the position of “shadow foreign minister” who is shadowing no-one.

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