Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conjecture Continent

The head of Kazakhstan, a Pinkerton state, is pimping the idea that the pointless, make-work OSCE has created some purpose for itself in the world. I wonder if the Europeans staking their safety, security,and just about everything else on a myriad of external organizations realize that there is nothing internal for them to offer to accomplish it.

They can try to seem as important as they want, but in matters of global stability, it’s a case of alphabet soup outfits and European states wanting to look like they are partners wisely leading America, only to lecture it about wiping its feet before it enters the house it just saved from destruction. When it comes down to it, even in the Balkans, they can’t even attend to Europe’s security risks.

Kazakhstan calls on all OSCE states to show their readiness to act in favor of common interests and for the sake of collective goals and priorities, implementation of which will support and strengthen the OSCE and foster trust and respect for the Organization.
Okay. Thanks for the fine words to Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

Now all the OSCE needs is a reason to exist, and then actually do something productive. Maybe a cold, overdesigned, blue glass building with aggressive looking details dome up in stainless steel, in a dull and tidy European city will make them feel like they matter. When all else fails they can resort to some mindless pap like everyone else, and do a ‘Mom and Apple Pie’ thing about ‘Climate Change’.
OSCE is an optimal platform to bring the Corfu process to the fore whilst opening a forum for strategically important initiatives including the European Security Treaty.
As a trans-national organization that unites Europe, Asia and North America, OSCE is responsible to comprehend and offer support for cross-border security issues.
Even the public affairs buffoonery requires summit-Kabuki, theatrically over-important names, and assertive sounding initiatives to help states that wouldn’t lift a finger for another member state think that they are a critical and cherished partner and key to the construction of heaven on earth.
We strongly believe that stabilization in Afghanistan can be implemented through active involvement and closer cooperation of regional organizations.
Nazarbayev’s writers are really showing that they’ve learned the codex of communication – note how willing and active the tone of the text is to coordinate and lead someone else’s capacity. On the strength of that evasion, they should redraw the map of Europe to include Kazakhstan.

Membership in things like the OSCE make one seem important at no cost, and seem to create nothing other than a platform for unkept promises and a very false sense of security.

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