Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Teaches (an Audience) many Things

The story of central Europe is one of many things, but some themes emerge to yield meaning. A large part of the story of those who survived the adversity of it's trials has been one of having to wait to reveal your soul to others.

After decades of toying with the myriad of forms of belief that give unchallenging comforts and helps avoids being treated with a hatred of the traditions of those that brought us into this world, Nina Hagen has rejected that conformity. Love her or hate her, she, like many times before she leads us to believe that she has questioning the new conformity and has said publicly that she is a Christian. She has outed herself in clear defiance of the comfortable sensitivities of her generation.

"Nina tells how she, at an early age in an atheist environment, came upon a forbidden but fascinating being named God. She takes the reader with her on a wild road movie in which she has demonic experiences in an Indian ashram.

"On the way, she looked love, drugs and death in the eye. But above all, she encountered God."
While those that have always admired her are not surprised, she, again, teaches us on more thing. There is much about people that we think we know and don't, but merely assume.

She did it HER way. SHe always has.

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