Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti by the Numbers: Governments’ Aid

Having quickly swept through the data as the UN has provided it as of Tuesday, the 19th, the extent to which EU member states are rendering aid to Haitians should give the rather predictable European critics of the US pause.

EU member state governments: $119,895,596, or $0.27 per head of population, or 49.36% of that of the US government with $163,905,019, or $0.54 per capita. This does not include American aid in kind which was last indicated to be in the area of 12000 civilian and military personnel, and rising rapidly, nor does it include the material support of feeding stations, field hospitals, aviation support, ships, helicopters, or heavy and light equipment.

The unfunded commitments, which history tells us we are likely to never see once Anderson Cooper stops trying to show off his pecs, are as follows:

EU member state governments: $89,016,697
The United States government: $150,000

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