Friday, January 22, 2010

A Burning Need to Maintain their Gross National Moral Vanity

"Clinton found it possible to go to Haiti, and I think that the European Union has to be there on the spot. Not just in the sidelines."

- Daniel Cohn-Bendit, identifying the
value Haitian misery has to Europe

Despite Joyandet’s “constructive” criticism and implausible image recovery effort, the reflexive complainers are still given to complain that the Americans aiding in the operation of the airfield at Port-au-Prince are “killing people” by cruelly forcing to pause the landing of 2 aircraft from Mexico, 1 from Argentina, and 1 from France. They have, in fact, been forced to land grandstanders of every sort who are jamming the very limited capacity of the field with “inspection visit” photo ops.

Those drawing away the air field’s capacity have included this quickly found sample:

EU international policy Manchurian candidate Baroness Ashton, who was rushed there to lend “visibility” to the EU.

- Understanding little more than his tiny world, French ‘International Cooperation’ Minister Alain “go with the stock accusation” Joyandet himself, who returned on 16-January to the nation popular among the French as a tourist destination.

- Unintelligible über-twit John Conyers, D-Michigan, on 15-January, quicker than the aftershocks, presumably finding facts that 12000 civil servants and troops cannot find without his stunning skills.

- EU's development commissioner, Karel De Gucht, despite the fact that there is nothing there to develop yet, other than potential rioting, and a need to maintain appearance of involvement, jammed tarmac notwithstanding.

- Ban Ki Moon, parachuted in despite having 9000 UN personnel in place even prior to the quake. Many of whom were rescued by the 82nd Airborne, and other fixations of “occupation” narrative.

- A Lebanese Foreign Ministry guy who somehow got there in time to “receive a Lebanese delegation” bringing aid, but only for their own nationals and those of Lebanese heritage.

- Jamaica's football Captain Horace Burrell representing FIFA.

Etcetera, and so forth with the critical fact finding disaster tourism that couldn’t possibly be getting in the way of aid flying in.

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