Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who, in the Middle East, Uses Human Shields and Who Represents Fanaticism? Why, Israel, Bien Sûr…

Force est de constater qu'aujourd'hui, sans doute plus qu'hier, le gouvernement israélien porte la responsabilité du blocage.
Bad, bad Isreal is doing "all it can" to compromise Barack Obama's peace efforts in the Middle East, deplores Caroline Fourest in Le Monde (an opinion (piece entitled Israel Versus Obama) in which she is joined by most Le Monde readers) as she lauds Elie Barnavi's book, Aujourd'hui ou peut-être jamais. While she sympathizes with Barnavi's hope (and change?) for "an American [i.e., an Obama] peace in the Middle East", she claims that the U.S. veto of Israel's indictment following the Goldstone report on "the Gaza war" weakens the American position for imposing peace. And who is it that represents fanaticism (and who is it that uses human shields) in Fourest's book?
A force d'utiliser les colonies comme boucliers humains, Israël entretient un fanatisme qui n'est pas le moindre de ses ennemis "intérieurs".
More fairy tales from Fourest? Why not:
En revanche, la page Bush est bien tournée. L'illusion d'un choc entre un bloc musulman et un bloc occidental a vécu.

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