Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Thanks heaps"

What a difference a day makes.

Just yesterday, the science on man-made global warming was settled, a done deal, irrefutable, pristine, absolute, just ask those pushing that particular argument. Yesterdays argument is what my bookmaker would call a "cod-lock".

Now today, we find that those very same individuals pushing that particular argument are a bit more, oh .... how would we put it, nuanced:

But this is fine, since the IPCC AR4 and other assessments are not saying the evidence is 100% conclusive (or even 90% conclusive) but just "likely" that modern is warmer than M[edieval] W[arm] P[eriod]. ...
So, we are to spend/curtail billions and billions based upon, "likely". Does anyone know at what point "likely" becomes a "guess"?

Todays argument is what my bookmaker would call a 50-50, maybe yes - maybe no.

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