Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Consider it a Bargain

Keith Olbermann can cost you your nerves, a bizarre supermarket rag likely goes for a buck. By that standard Keith looks uncompetitive, and yet not nearly as articulate as bat boy.

Heads of the Mutant Anti-Defamation League are up in arms over this move. They believe that encouraging violence towards these creatures could easily lead to people hunting mutants as well. Environmental groups are also furious at the ecological impact of intentionally hunting several rare species into extinction.
But apparently they had no comment about Keith’s odd coiffure. The very fact that his obsessions are so like the Weekly World News might, might, just hint to his rather slavish followers just how much of his banter really is analysis and journalism, or wether his role is more like that of Bat Boy - to appear everywhere it's suspected that those who believe in him want him to be.

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