Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Culture has been Reduced to a Sad PR Exercise

Funny, isn’t it that failed societies seem to grasp at straws. The doofuses on C Dans L’Air, a kind of metrosexual Oprah program are in their journalistic mimicry trying to plausit that Barack Obama has French ancestry through a distant character somewhere who was a Huguenot escapee. Nonetheless, this give him a lineage the empty shells of C Dans L’Air something to finally live for. They even rather amusingly filed it under “International Politics.”

Just as the first logo-branded Presidential product is proving himself to be rather quite unintelligent, and politically divisive, people in the US are growing to regret the fact that they elected him. Ergo – quite naturally, as the specter of quasi-magical thinking and philosophical emptiness rises, the more appealing he is in Europastan. The fact remain that the more it is that a society hates and resents America, the more they like Barack Obama and want to claim him as their puppet.

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