Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big, Big Talkers

The more dominated by irrationalism and wishful thinking, the worse they stand. The universities in la culture du débat rank qualitatively less than they do in Hong Hong, with a population base less than 1/8th of that of France. It looks like all of those decades of social commitment to the population and social institutions has really paid off: even a mercantile obsessed (and therefore anti-intellectual) culture a fraction of its’ size can do better.

Oddly enough, and in spite of higher ed not being treated like a “right”, the rapacious and retrograde United States, representing a population roughly 6% of the sample base has roughly 40% of the top 6000 ranked universities, and 44 of the top 50.

But don’t feel bad, EUvians: Germany is matched evenly with Canada, despite the lack of Germanic-ness, its’ Polythechnik traditions, rye whiskey, only 40% of its’ population, and a distracting overabundance of hoochie mamas.

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