Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pipe Bombs for Peace

In an unsurprising inversion of reality, they call themselves “anti-fascists”.

The far right Sweden Democrats were one of the main targets of the so-called "autonomous" movement. But parties in Sweden's coalition government also found themselves in the firing line.

"We noted around twenty incidents of violence against people or property. The Sweden Democrats were not the only ones affected; the Liberal and Moderate parties were also hit," said Johan Olsson, chief analyst for Säpo's constitutional protection division.

The chief perpetrators came from groups on the extreme left such as Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and Revolutionära Fronten.
Fascists have traditionally been of the left, and employed populism to enlarge the power of the state over social and economic freedoms, often employing guilt and bahaviour modification techniques. They might find rather curious how well this profile fits the methods and motives of those in thrall of our current President and his Democratic Party.

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