Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking for a new political home?

In a time of political tumult and trouble for our wayward left-wing brothers and sisters, we at NP decided, as a matter of public service, to help out our leftist friends by directing them to a new political home. A home they will feel comfortable with and through which their aspirations may be fulfilled. As you can see from the charter, not much those on the left can disagree with in terms of economic ideology:

Planned/state-driven: pledged to the maintenance of a private-enterprise economy operating within a broad framework of national economic policy

Anti-globalisation: opposed to international monopoly capitalism and to laissez-faire free trade and free movement of plant and capital

Spreading the wealth: we believe that private property should be encouraged and spread to as many individual members of our nation as possible.

Social justice: we recognise that finance exists to serve the nation and its industries rather than the other way around.

Progressivism: implacably opposed to Marxism and liberal-capitalist globalism, which undermine our standard of living, human and ecological welfare, freedom and national identity

Certainly anathema to our world-view, but on the whole those of the left seeking political refuge should have no real problems from an economic perspective in signing up.

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