Saturday, June 27, 2009

If Only Obama Had Been President 20 to 30 Years Ago, Michael Jackson Might Still Be Alive Today

Well, that's not exactly what one of the numerous "experts" said on the iTélé television channel during the non-stop discussions of Michael Jackson's life, career, and legacy, but it came pretty close… (In any case, it's interesting that the co-author of The History of Rock Music seems unaware of the likes of Diana Ross, Prince, James Brown, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Robeson, etc, etc, etc…)

What François Jouffa, co-author of Histoire du rock, said exactly on Friday while discussing the skin bleaching that Michael Jackson allegedly kept undergoing (along with his multiple facelifts) is that: now that Barack Obama is president and that an African-American is finally in the White House, were Michael Jackson young today, he would not need to (suggestion: an inescapable necessity in the United States, professionally as well as psychologically) change his face in order to blend in with the majority of the American population…

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