Thursday, February 19, 2009

“billig will ich”

Expect shortly the pulsing eyeballs and shifting blood vessels on the foreheads of the European left to decry how armed bands are roaming the streets forcing people to eat McDo. Right next to imagining how “those people” are Anglo-Saxons, that’ll be the next best thing.

Dateline Deutscheland:

You know how people eat when they’re under stress sometimes? Well I guess that’s what’s going on here. Financial crisis hin oder her (here or there), McDonald’s, of all non-people, is planning to create another 2000 jobs in Germany this year.
Just when you though the average German couldn’t trade down any more, they manage to.

Other conspiracies by the evil lord Bush Obama: KFC is being barbarously thrust on Britons.
KFC to create 9,000 jobs in UK expansion drive
Resist! Stiff upper lip, lads!

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