Friday, January 09, 2009

Tolerant Europe at a Glance

Other than hating someone, I'm not sure much else will get them out of bed. But wait, it get's better: the negative views held of Americans by Europeans is the same. In fact the European nymphomania for hating others is within the same range and has the same 10-15 point delta revealing the inverse relationships.

- Americans, relative to the Europeans polled give as much slack to Europeans as they do to those identified as Muslims and Jews.

- Muslims and Jews are more likely to feel comfortable with Americans as they are with Europeans by about the same margin.

- Europeans, on the other hand, are rather more likely (and more uniformly likely by age and level of education) to have equally negative views of Americans, Muslims, and Jews.

A surly lot all around. and rather unlikely to extend to other nationalities and cultures the same concideration afforded to them.

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