Sunday, January 04, 2009

No Need to Explain. Not Later. Not Ever.

When it comes to business and economics, most journalist keep hitting the stupid juice:
10. Capitalism is dead or dying.
9. Gas at $4-a-gallon, blame the oil companies.
8. Fannie’s failure
7. Barack Obama sends stocks soaring, but not sinking.
6. Alternative energy: All gain, no pain
5. The economy has a fever and the only prescription is more bailouts.
4. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
3. Oil prices will skyrocket to $200 a barrel, gas to $15.
2. Welcome to 1929: Great Depression II
1. America needs a new, New Deal.
Business and Media takes on each myth. The common thread is that each one was propagated by someone with little experience or knowledge of the subject of their pronouncements, and had an ideological agenda.

The miracle is that they never have hangovers that would cause them to question the assault of invented assumtions they seed the mind of the public with. Lefty political charlatans are no different. They just whack back another one, and keep flying the friendly skies.
He [Sen. McConnell] asked if Democrats would allow increased deep-sea exploration if the price of gas reached a national average of $10.00. Democrats objected.
Forgive me for finding joy is in the name of that post.

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