Friday, January 30, 2009

Does banning freikörperkultur contravene Schengen?

Amazing to see what gets people all hot and bothered. Confiscatory taxation, no. Ever growing governmentalism, no. Diminishment of civil liberties, no. Feckless leadership in government and/or commerce, no. Mindless labour unionism, no.

Naked German ramblers, yes:

When the first nude walkers came over the border the tranquil, neutrality-loving Swiss tried to pretend it wasn't happening. It was only when it became clear that the invaders had a plan of conquest — even if they had no clothes — that the Alpenhorns sounded the alarm.

Now the Swiss authorities are trying to fend off hordes of German ramblers dressed in nothing more than a rucksack and walking boots. The influx appears to have been started after a German mountaineering website declared the Swiss wilderness a "paradise for naked ramblers".
Don't forget the bug spray.

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