Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Success for Belgian Diversity Initiatives

Via Dinah Lord, we find out about Jew hunting in Belgium. The hit list even included BHL.
Jewish-French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy was listed by a Belgium-based Islamist group as a target for assassination alongside other leading Jewish personalities in Europe, the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure reported earlier this week.

The planned assassination was apparently thwarted after group leader Abdelkader Belliraj, a Belgian of Moroccan ascent, was arrested last February in Morocco, the newspaper reported. Belgian authorities found the list during a raid on homes of local Muslim community members last November, according to the report.
Considering all the whacked-out “they control the world” crap coming out of the fevered minds of the enlightened continent’s university students and other inquiring minds, one would hardly need to parse the group leaders’ motives. Nonetheless, that fine, socially involved son of Belgium has links to al Queda, and like any respectable European “social justice” activist pushing for vernichtung, he squeals the most dramatic accusation he thinks will draw sympathy, and that he himself must be handled with civilized standards while advocating some abysmal medievalism be imposed on everyone else. From his home in Belgium, he was operating a terror network in Morocco, and trying to live a low-rent style Ernst Blofeld lifestyle:
The Moroccan-born Belgian had quite a resume: accused terrorist kingpin, assassin, gangster, double agent and hotelier. He visited from Belgium now and then to oversee the hotel, a three-star inn with a sidewalk cafe where men sip tea and watch a parade of whining scooters, dusty taxis, sunburned tourists and veiled Berber women.
Among other things, this psycho-puppy is accused of plotting to knock off “M6,” (King Mohammed VI of Morocco.)
In total Belliraj has confessed to involvement in six murder cases in the years 1988-1989, among them the murder of an aging homosexual who had made a proposal that Belliraj believed dishonored his manhood, and a Belgian grocer who was mistakenly identified as a Jew, on a mission for Abu Nidal. On missions for the Iranians he allegedly committed three more murders: of a Saudi imam and a librarian at the Great Mosque in Brussels, and a driver at the Saudi Arabian Embassy.
For the sake of sensitivity, they should permit him a traditional, culturally appropriate death for a jihadist - a Yemeni execution. It’s only fair, after all.

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