Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They’ve got Fruits and Nuts. You May NOT Take Your Pick.

Further the theme of truly eliminating bio-diversity, there are some humanoids out there looking to thin the herd. The human herd, that is – and they have it in for a Bishop.

After being asked "what is your opinion of homosexuality," by the Spanish newspaper La Opinion de Tenerife, the Bishop stated that people who had the condition for "physiological" reasons were deserving of respect, but went on to say that "it is another question if homosexuality is or isn't a virtue."
That, apparently, is enough to get you sued. Using the court as an instrument, non-authorities can play thought police – which is funny when you think about how these people who seem to hate authority so much seem to use it rather brutally.
The FELGT's complaint follows another similar complaint the group made recently against a protestant minister in the province of Galicia.  Marcos Zapata is accused of having given a talk on how to encourage heterosexual development in children.  The organization has threatened to sue Zapata and has asked the government of Galicia to investigate him because he conducts anti-drug and anti-violence programs in government schools.
It could well be that this Marcos Zapata has rubbed some “NGO” type the wrong way, especially if anti-drug and anti-violence programs crampt their style, as far as how they get a date.

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