Saturday, February 02, 2008

Only if we can Carpet-Bomb Your Cities Twice

After months of glorifying Obama, European media have tried to portray his losses to New York Senator Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada as part of an elaborate conspiracy to keep a black man from becoming the 44th president of the United States.
Brussels Journal has a Obamarama Euro-press roundup which proves again how naïve the scribblers of the continent really are, thinking that they can somehow wish an American candidate into office, even if they don’t know why.

The way Americans conduct their elections is still none of the business of Europeans, no matted how much they rationalize to the contrary. The very notion that they even suggest this to themselves tells you just how unfamiliar they are with the concept of national sovereignty and what makes a society’s pluralism legitimate.

The Obamarama is also looking a little Obamaphobic, considering what the lazy speed-bumps of the European press which is so reflexively critical of any event that happens in the US, even if they previously seemed to want it. Most of all, they would temporarily (for maybe a week or two) lose the fig leaf behind which they would hide their irrational hatred, as:
The [European] Left, which likes to attribute to the United States an imperialist foreign policy and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics, is not as happy about the rise of Obama as one would expect. On sending the message that they are ready to elect an African American, a part of American society is exhibiting an attitude much less prejudiced than is commonly attributed to this country.
In other words, they REALLY need someone to hate for fear of noticing their own prejudice, weakness, their patronizing concept of race as a personality feature, and frankly, the only reason they really have to think that their deluded world view even matters.

What do you expect from people who want to internationalize courts for no clear reason, and undermine a law body’s legitimacy as a feature of something that a society agrees to put on itself? After all, why would they objected to Serbs wanting to try Milosevic under Serbian law? To “Internationalize” the joy of frying him under laws decoupled from those he harmed in the nation that he harmed them in?

In the mean time, the doochie continues to be passed by the left hand side:
In an 800-word rant titled ‘American Primary System Fails to Impress Europeans’, Deutsche Welle implies that if Germans cannot help Americans vote Obama into office, then the US political system itself must be flawed. DW asserts that American democracy is “atavistic. It’s outdated. It doesn’t really reflect democracy in a modern sense.” The story goes on to say that America would be better off if it adopted a parliamentary system, just like the one in (surprise, surprise) Germany.
One which like the EU involves forming a nation without the concent of the population, and an unelected EU "President"... That is when they aren't dusting pluralism and democracy under the rug with such a promising and inspiring start.

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