Monday, December 01, 2008

"Pull Down Your Underwear, Turn Around, and Cough Three Times"

"On se demande dans quel pays on vit", dit [Vittorio de Filippis, journaliste à Libération, membre de la direction du journal].
The French press is up in arms because a member of Libération has been allegedly mistreated by French police. Arrested at his home in the early hours of dawn for defamation (for "allowing" a website vistor's comment on a controversial businessman to remain on the website), Vittorio de Filippis was brought to the police station and told to get undressed. Then he was directed to lower his underpants… «Baissez votre slip, tournez-vous et toussez trois fois!»

The editor of Le Monde calls the police methods unacceptable but the police say that the Filippis version of events is exaggerrated.

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