Wednesday, October 08, 2008

“Sure” “Whatever Sounds Nice”

EU Observer publishes an implausible opinion-oriented news item stating that and Obama-led US would protect eastern Europe, without explaining how in any way, the emotional isolationist that back Obama will do that.

They do cite one source in the interview as an authority: one of Obama’s fundraisers. So there you have it. There is the formation of a Euro-thought™, Euro-pinion®, and Euro-wisdom©. End of story.

Of course the reader need not know that the man is tied to Obama’s campaign. That’s only something the uninformed would care about.

Mr Craig said that senator Obama would also stick to plans to build parts of the US global missile shield in Poland and the Czech republic, despite fierce Russian criticism. The new Democratic president would "not turn his back on that agreement" as it is a "solemn commitment" signed by Washington, Prague and Warsaw.
Which is an amusing reversal of one of the bigger pieces of the Obama plank was the ending of weapons testing, and not meeting any challenge if Russia and China weaponize space (as if missiles didn’t count.)

Somehow, the Euro-reader™ with Euro-wisdom™ is supposed to believe this temporary run to the center right before election day. But getting EU-rah-rah writer types to put on their knee pads for you is actually quite easy. All you have to do is pander to their inability to understand why an election could result in one of two outcomes, and not just their preferred option.

Of the Irish decision with respect to their future form of government and the permanent disposal of their sovereignty, Craig had this:
"It seems to me that the European Union has some problems with its public relations, not just in Ireland, but also elsewhere where the [EU] constitution has been defeated. That should not, in my view, deter the Europeans from continuing on the course of consolidating its institutions, the rule of law, economic trading agreements and greater co-operation. This has been the policy of many, many US presidents and it will be the policy of president Obama to support that."
Never mind the issues at hand, it’s all about PR and image – where that kind of short-term and small-minded reasoning is adequate... How EU can you get?

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