Sunday, October 05, 2008

Because Hating Happy, Normal People Makes Them Feel Smart, part II

Why the spontaneous hatred of Sarah Palin? Why didnt it require any orchestration? Because Palin herself doesn't necessarily matter to those engaged in it, because the dominant trends and arguments in the tacit form of culture promoted to all of us has programmed into the likes of these critics.

Ignoring the very notion of free will and individual liberty, as a mater of defending their own choices they must hate. Blogger Whiskey explains why:

This blindness, and the battle for supremacy over the fertility of socially conservative Whites through the "Janissary Effect" of Liberal Culture is what drives the fury over Palin by those who drive that culture. They see their power slipping away from them, by the existence of an alternate model.
In other words, others' freely made choices are a threat, and they respond by hating happy, normal people. It threatens the cultural monopoly of this well-connected minority within the left, and the mechanisms in the culture and the media (I.e. The obsession with “Faux News” and other silencing memes) by which it seeks self-perpetuation at the cost of other's lives, their familial stability, making fertility a source of angst and tension scheduled to strike at the age of 40, and in many other ways to undermine the basis of happiness in human relationships. All for the sake of propping up the lectures they've repeated to themselves over the years.
This is why the Culture Wars were fought in the first place, starting in the mid to late 1980's when the Baby Boomer generation early cohorts first reached their late thirties and early forties, and positions of cultural power. It's why Murphy Brown had a child on her own, with a father irrelevant. It's why nearly every television show, movie, and pop music artist all push the same social conventions of social liberalism. It is the weapon against fertility — the ability to "capture" young social conservative men and women and "convert" them to social Liberalism, when they move to large Urban Areas, outside the reach of their childhood churches, parents, and friends, and the social networks that shaped their views.
A desperation to reinforce this model gives those who believe in this nothingness a reason to believe anything – any new grievance made instantly fashionable by those with the monopoly, into the arms of anyone who can toy with those dog-whistle tones and symbols, making new-age Gods out of Chicago political hacks, the weather, rebranding as revolutionaries the same political class that created an economic crisis, and so on. The antecedents to this don't just get a argument in favor of the concepts, they get hatred, retaliation, and the like.
This threat is seen most clearly by those who use their Cultural monopoly, in movies, television, and popular music to enforce cultural mores. Hence the spontaneous and rage-filled venom spewed by movie, television, and pop music celebrities. Including Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and now, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford who dubbed Barack Obama "a Lightworker", presumably after watching one too many episodes of "Charmed" which also featured "White Lighters" with magical powers.
When this political class is let down by their faeries, lesser gods, and magicians that they hoped would flag their moods, to whom or what will they lash out at next?

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